May. 23rd, 2014

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Оригинал взят у [ profile] nazavzhdy в Молитва о павших воинах
Originally posted by [ profile] oleg_vedmedenko at Молитва о павших воинах
Господи Иисусе Христе, Боже наш. Ты сказал: «Нет больше той любви, как если кто положит душу свою за друзей своих», и Сам дал пример сей жертвенной любви. Тебя просим: глянь милостивым Твоим оком на самоотверженную любовь братьев и сынов наших, погибших на поле брани в эти трагические для Украины дни. Соедини их пламенную жертву со Своей кровной жертвой. Подай, Господи, чтобы не напрасной была эта жертва, но чтобы на обильно их кровью политой земле – выросли цветы братской любви, и взошло солнце свободы и доли народа. Прости им грехи их вольные и невольные, осознанные и неосознанные, и упокой души их в месте вечного мира. Прости и нам, немощным, вины наши. Открой нам дверь щедрот Твоих, Господи, и да придут к нам времена мирные. Потому что кающимся, Господи, Ты отверзаешь дверь... Аминь.

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My dear Russians,

Yesterday, it was reported that I compared your President Putin to Hitler. If by making this comment I have in some way offended you, I am deeply sorry. Adolf Hitler was one of the horrible villains in world history, and comparing President Putin to him was uncalled for.

What I should have said, and what I say to you now, is that this Putin chap can be a bit Hitlery at times.

Let’s take, for example, his penchant for taking territory that doesn’t belong to him and then adding it to his country and so forth. Would you call that behavior Hitlery or not Hitlery? From where I sit, it’s more like something Hitler would do than something he wouldn’t do, and so the verdict must be, yes, the chap is being rather Hitlery when he does that.

And, while we’re on the subject, what about Putin’s use of tanks? Also very Hitlery. Again, let me be clear: I am not calling him Hitler—but if you think you can use tanks and not come off a tad bit Hitlery, you’re not right in the head.

Since I made my remarks, some British politicians have suggested that I abdicate my position as Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne. In other words, they believe that I do not have the right to free speech. If memory serves, back in the nineteen-thirties another chap went around trying to punish people for speaking their minds. I’m not going to name names, but if the shoe fits…

Yours truly,

H.R.H. Prince Charles


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